Support & Maintenance
Logistics Expertise

We have a highly effective logistics team backing-up our technical personnel. Twelve years of experience in remote locations has sharpened our skills in getting supplies to and from site on time.

Plant Policy

Bamboo Rock Drilling’s fleet consists of premium brand well maintained first life equipment.

In Country Value Offering

Bamboo Rock Drilling’s teams comes with extensive experience. Together with our proven logistics expertise, we offer our clients reliability through established infrastructure, local knowledge and support.

Workshop Facilities

We have first-class workshop facilities located at our head quarters in Dar es Salaam, equipped with boiler-making, fitting and turning as well as hydraulic hose make-up and repairs. Our regional workshops carry extensive consumable stores for the support of the drilling operations. Additionally, we can provide a suitably equipped mobile workshop on site.

Contract Approach

Bamboo Rock Drilling aims to embed health and safety consciousness into every contract through planning and co-ordination with all parties involved, enabling early identification of risks, effective communication and the elimination of unnecessary bureaucracy. We assess the scope of a project and apply a holistic approach to managing the risk and maintaining a safe and healthy environment.

  • Project Management
    Plan, organised, lead and control each phase so that it is
    carried out safely and without risk.
  • Contract Engagement
    Provide information and directions while facilitating
    cooperation and co-ordination between contractors.
  • Workforce Engagement
    Ensure the workforce is inducted, informed, trained and
    consulted on health, safety and the environment.